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november issue of red wine magazine featuring an article i wrote about my life's experiences

In November of 2014 i was asked to contribute an article to the christian publication red wine magazine. I was invited to share some of my life's experience. I'm told the article is very inspiring. You can find it on pages 19-21. The owner of this fine publication Dr. Diana Hardy gave me permission to reprint this issue and offer it for free or for donations. I appreciate her generous decision. So, I am offering it here. You can download it completely free. If you get some benefit from reading the article, then you can visit my website to make a donation. Any amount paid will go towards expenses that I have that sighted people don't have such as expensive adaptive equipment and cost of a companion or at least a driver when traveling. If you want, you are welcome to mail me your copy and I will happily autograph it and send it back to you. I don't have the facility yet to print copies here, or I would be happy to send them out autographed. You know my belief about doing what you can today and doing more or doing it better tomorrow. so yes my goal is to change this soon. I am also hopeful to send out print copies of the ebook soon too. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the article and this offer. thanks so much and have a blessed 2015. You know you can be assured of this if you start taking actions daily and start now. I am here to help you with that. Sincerely yours, Max

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