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Big Dreams Start With Small Steps Coaching Calls

I've been hosting an online master mind group called Big Dreams Start with Small Steps. I started back in October of 2015 with a few involved fellow entreprneurs. While we love helping each other, we want to expnad the group so we can help even more people. To do this I have uploaded a randem sampling of our weekly coaching calls so you can get an idea of what to expect if you decided to join our group. You have two options. You can subscribe to receive the download of our calls, or you can actually become an active participating member of the group. If after listening to these files, you decide this is something for you; then go to the link below to sign up to request more information. We want people with goals and dreams as well as skills, talents, and a strong desire to accomplish Big Goals. If you decide not to become part of the group, you can still show your support for my mission by clicking the donate button on my website. Thanks so much, Max

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