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The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures (+ How You Can Make YOUR Dreams Come True)

This is the true story of Maxwell Ivey and his adventures in New York City. It contains many life lessons and explains how you can make your dreams come true, using the keys to success Max regularly uses to attain his own goals and make his dreams a reality.

Max is a blind entrepreneur, blogger, author, and podcaster. He won Amtrak's 2016 prestigious Writers in Residency Award, which included a trip to any city in the USA. He chose to travel to NYC... alone! He chronicled each of his adventures, which include being on a TV show, going ice-skating in Rockefeller Center, meeting the Blogger from Paradise in person... and more!

Max displays a remarkable amount of courage and willingness to chase his dreams, despite the obstacles in his way. He is a great role model who teaches others how they can work towards their dreams and ultimately reach them... no matter what.

Using creative narration, accompanying photos, and funny stories, Max also makes the readers laugh with his witticisms about being blind... as in the case of sitting backwards on the train, because the scenery is the same regardless of which way he is facing.

This is Max's first book in his travel series. Read it. Enjoy it. Learn from it. And become armed with the secrets to achieving your own dreams, too!

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